Somalia’s Ambassador Resigns After Being Snubbed from Arab League Summit Delegation

Salim Maaw Haji, Somalia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, resigned on Monday, citing his exclusion from the delegation attending the Arab League Summit in Jeddah. The move has raised concerns about rifts within the Somali government and its relations with Saudi Arabia.

In a letter circulated online, the ambassador alleged that he was mistreated and insulted by the director of protocol for Somali President Hinda Ulusow, who also refused him a meeting with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during his visit to Saudi Arabia. These incidents led to his decision to resign, according to the letter.

This resignation has sparked concerns about the strained relationships between the Somali government and some of its key allies in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has been an important ally of Somalia, providing support and aid in various areas, including security and economic cooperation.

The UAE, in particular, has been vocal in its opposition to the move, arguing that it undermines Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The resignation of Salim Maaw Haji is likely to further complicate relations between Saudi Arabia and Somalia. The move is also expected to impact the regional security situation, particularly as Somalia grapples with a long-running conflict with the Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Despite these concerns, there have been calls for dialogue and collaboration between Somalia and its allies to address the challenges facing the country. These calls emphasize the need for unity and collaboration to overcome the obstacles that impede the country’s progress.

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