Somalia: Stern humanitarian situation in Muduga and Galgaduud regions

The Minister for humanitarian affairs of the autonomous state of Galmudug in central Somalia honorable Shiire Hirsi Mohamoud has said in a press conference that the Mudug and Galgaduud regions are in serious humanitarian situation after prolong drought has stricken these two regions.

A committee which has been assigned to assess the humanitarian situation in these two regions has said that if this goes on for the next few days and no humanitarian responses comes from the humanitarian agencies both human and livestock will be at stake.

“The people in these two regions are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, because there is prolong draught in the regions and the rains have delayed, thus I will urge the humanitarian agencies to do quick humanitarian situation to curb the crisis” said the Minister Hirsi.

The places which the drought has at large affected are the far remote areas, and due to the scarcity of water in the regions a barrel of water costs 200 Som Shillings which is equivalent to $10.

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