Somalia: Seven powerful Ministers in Somaliland resign their posts

The seven most in influential Ministers in the breakaway State of Somaliland have on Monday announced their resignation from the government of President Silaanyo.

The English department of radio Dalsan made a contact with the State House Minister of Somaliland for the verifications of the resignations of the Ministers.

“I and the Minister for foreign affairs submitted our resignation letters to the President and he has accepted our resignation letters, I therefore declare that I have no responsibilities for this nation of Somaliland” Said the Minister. Later on after the resignation of these two Ministers they were followed by the resignations of the following Ministers.

The names of the Minister for foreign affairs Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis, the Minister for the State House Hirsi Ali Hassan, the Minister labour social affairs Dr.  Abdi Aw Dahir, the Minister for Justice Hussein Ahmed Aidid, the deputy Minister for resettlement Mrs. Nimo Hussein Qowdhan, and the deputy Minister for environment.  A part from the Ministers the other officials in President Silaanyo’s administration who have resigned their posts is the special presidential spokesman Mr. Ahmed Saleeban Dhuhul.

There are higher probabilities of other officials to present their resignation letters to President Silanyo.

The reason behind the resignations of this big number of Somaliland government officials is not know. Somaliland has declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991.

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