Somalia: Residents start fleeing from their houses in Galkaio

The residents of Galakio town the provincial headquarters of Mudug in central Somalia have started fleeing from their houses on Tuesday after fighting took place between soldiers from Puntland and Galmaudug states went into combat on the 22nd of this month.

In that fight over 10 people died and more than 40 sustained injuries of different levels.

The fleeing of the population from both sides started in the mid hours of Tuesday night, till in the morning of Tuesday, after a ceasefire agreement reached by the elders from both sides could not be an effective one.

The annihilation of the ceasefire comes after soldiers from both sides were told by the elders to vacate the frontline, but Puntland soldiers insisted to stay there, and this has may result a new tension of combat to resume.

Each state is accusing the other for mobilizing combat, but independent sources say that both sides are mobilizing their soldiers for heavy combat.

The fight initially started after Puntalnd soldiers started constructing an illegal road construction which was entered in the boundary of the Galmudug controlled zone.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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