Somali Intelligence Agency Chief inspects bolted ‘ Bakara market ‘

Somalia National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Chief Mahad Mohamed Salat has today inspected the security enhancements instituted by the security agents and intelligent officers in Bakara, the main market in Somalia.

The NISA boss, who conducted a stroll across the alleys of the market, praised the commendable work by the security officials in eliminating the elements of Al-Shabab in the market, an area long considered a hotbed for Insurgents .

According to a statement from the intelligence agency, the visit by the spy chief also included assessing the compliance of the installation of CCTV cameras in the business premises in the market.

During his visit, the NISA head interacted with the local traders, who expressed gratitude to the Somali government for beefing up security across the city and particularly the market, a bustling market with an immense contribution to Mogadishu’s economic resurgence .

Salat hailed the traders for taking heed to the government directive to install CCTV cameras and further promised the government would continue to enhance security in the market and eliminate the Al-Shabab militant group from the area.

Somalia security forces, comprising the different components, including the intelligence agency, have in recent months conducted successive operations to weed out Al-Shabab from the capital, Mogadishu.

The operations led to the successful apprehension of several individuals believed to have links with the terror group that has been extorting money from the Bakara traders and inflicting harm on the city residents.

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