Somalia: Lion mauls 4 at Hiraan region in central Somalia

Reports coming in from Hiraan region in central Somalia say that a wild lion has injured 4 people who were after him for a haunt at Ceel-Dheer location in Buulabarde district.

The injuries of the four men come after they set out for the haunting of the lion, and all over sudden the lion and the men who were haunting for him met somewhere in the jungle, the fight begun, and the four of them who were armed with spears and riffles sustained minor and major injuries, before they eventually killed the lion.

The local residents in Ceel-Dheer location told the English department of Radio Dalsan that there are troops of lions which they have recently spotted around the outskirts of their location and this has created higher anxiety among the inhabitants of the location who are livestock keepers.

Most of the Somali wildlife has migrated to the neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya, when Somalia has gone into prolong ethical fight.

There are some of them which you can hardly spot anywhere in Somalia these include, the elephants, the rhinos and the buffalos. Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein

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