Somalia: Huge explosion in Mogadishu kills three

At on Saturday daybreak huge explosion has taken place in front of the main gate of Radio Kulmiye which is situated in downtown Mogadishu.

This place is the point where journalists in Mogadishu met before they eventually disperse for gathering reports, and when the explosion occurred this morning journalists were as usual at the place.

“in fact we have been few number of journalists and other civilians nearby when the explosion occurred, I saw a man wearing explosion vest and I could not control myself and started screaming out loud, and we all ran from the place where we have been standing and took cover, then man detonated himself so far three people have been killed in the explosion two civilians and the man himself” said Adan Bashir a journalist who was in the scene.

This will be the 3rd time for explosions in which several people including two famous journalists have been killed occurred in this very place.

In the past couple weeks explosions and killings have been at climax in Mogadishu despite the government is reiterating it will take strong measures about the insecurity in the capital Mogadishu.

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