Somalia: AU troops in Somalia come up with new tricks to allow them mandate extension

On Sunday night African union troops who are part of the peacekeeping mission in Somalia opened fire at local Somali fishermen who were on their daily routine of trapping fish along the shores of the Indian ocean.

The spokesman of the AU troops in Somalia colonel Paul Njuguna claimed that the AU troops in the airport thwarted an attack by Islamist, but after I thoroughly investigated the case I found that the boats which the AU troops have spotted with the binoculars were not Islamist terrorist, but merely local fishermen.

Colonel Njuguna added that the AU soldiers fired warning shots at the boats, but no counter firing respond come from the boats for they were unarmed.

The consequence of the highly orchestrated exaggeration made by the AU troops has caused the Turkish airline to suspend its flights to Mogadishu, for what it said that the airport is not a safe place for their airline to land.

Definitely the message which this act is sending to the rest of the world and in particular to the AU headquarters is that Somalia is not yet a safe place and need the troops on ground to have extended mandate which will allow them to operate in the country.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein

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