Somalia: AMISOM admits killing 6 civilians in Qoryoole but blames driver of minibus for defying orders to stop.

Amisom has admitted that its forces shot dead 6 passengers aboard a minibus in Qoryooley saying action will be taken against those involved.

In a statement released to newsrooms on Monday Amisom however blamed the driver of minibus for defying orders to stop at a checkpoint.

“A minibus approaching the road block was ordered to stop but the driver defued the order and reversed the vehicle in haste forcing our troops to shoot killing six people in the minibus” the statement said.

Amisom says a 19:00hrs curfew had been put in place by local administration to minimize attacks by Alshabaab.

Amisom says its troops had earlier come under fire from mortar attack by Alshabaab “hiding in the neighborhood”.

“This was after the troops on patrol noticed an unusual movement of vehicles in the night believed to be ferrying Alshabaab fighters” it clarified.

The deaths of the civilians outraged many Somalis with Amisom on the receiving end on social media. By Monday the hashtag # was trending.

“Amisom operates under the international human rights law and takes civilian casualties by its troops seriously” it stated.

Written by Hassan Istiila

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