Somali religious council call for protest to denounce Madina attack

Somali religious council has strongly condemned last week suicide attack on the Islamic holy city of Madina.

The council press conference in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday also condemned what it described as continuous terror attacks in other Islamic states like Turkey, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.

The committee which brings together leading Somali religious scholars has called for mass protest on Monday in the country to denounce terror attacks they said is used to tarnish the beauty of Islamic religion.

“We call for mass protest on Monday to denounce terror attacks in the holy city of Madina and other parts of the Muslim world,” They said

“The world must unit to fight terror and all related attacks should be condemned equally,” added.

Saudi Arabian authorities said a suicide bomber who attacked the Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Madinah on Monday was a 26-year-old Saudi citizen with a history of drug abuse.

Four security officers were killed in the suicide attack near the resting place of the prophet Muhamad peace be upon him six days ago.

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