Somali President face stiff challenge from close ally

As the clock ticks towards the historic elections in Somalia also challenge and fear of the Presidential candidates in the war torn state increases.

Incumbent President Hassan Sheikh is scratching his head after reports emerged confirming one of his close friend and family member in the field.

Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle who is the pioneer of Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD) has shown interest in the August elections.

Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD) that is sister NGO to US based War torn societies project was instrumental in the peace, conflict resolution and help in the implementation federal system in new Somalia.

Following the reports of Jibril candidacy members of the family from President Muhamud who also relative and close friend CRD pioneer are trying stop his candidacy to safeguard Sheikh Muhamud second term.

It is not clear how it will end who will be convinced to abandon the race to Villa Somalia but what is very clear is that the road to Somali Presidential Palace is becoming tough as time goes.


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