Somali President Commends IGAD’s Support in Arms Embargo Lift and EAC Membership

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed his deep appreciation to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for their unwavering support in lifting the long-standing arms embargo on Somalia.

Furthermore, he lauded their instrumental role in facilitating Somalia’s inclusion in the esteemed East African Community (EAC) regional bloc. The President’s remarks were made during the 41st extraordinary session of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government held in Djibouti City on Saturday.

President Mohamud powerfully emphasized the pressing need for regional collaboration, sharing challenges faced by countries in the region. These challenges include the ever-present threat of Al-Shabaab, the impacts of climate change, and the recurring conflicts that have plagued the region for far too long.

The inclusion of Somalia in the EAC, which transpired in November, marks a significant milestone for the war-torn nation. After enduring three decades of strife, Somalia’s entry into this prominent regional trade bloc has been hailed as a “beacon of hope” by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The move is expected to bolster Somalia’s economic growth and provide a platform for enhanced regional cooperation, trade, and development.

This pivotal achievement comes on the heels of another historic milestone for Somalia. Earlier this month, the United Nations Security Council, in a unanimous vote, decided to lift the final restrictions on weapons deliveries to Somalia’s government and its security forces. The initial imposition of a comprehensive arms embargo on Somalia by the Security Council in 1992 was a response to the protracted conflict and deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country.

The removal of this embargo will enable Somalia to better equip its security forces and enhance their capacity to ensure peace and stability within the nation’s borders.

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