Somali Police Chief pledges heavy onslaught in Jubbaland state

Somali Police Chief Sulub Ahmed Firin, who is on official duties in Jubbaland State, has on Monday inspected Darwish Police recruits who are undergoing training in a training camp situated in the north of Kismayo town.

Firin was warmly received at the camp by Jubbaland’s Minister of Internal Security, Yussuf Hussein Osman ( Dhumaal), region’s Darwish commander, Osman Sahardiid, Lower Jubba region police boss.

The officers displayed parts of the rigorous skills they acquired during their training course to their visiting commander.

The police boss urged the officers to prepare themselves for a major onslaught against the Al-Shabaab militant group that has been wreaking havoc in Jubbaland regional state.

He emphasized the need for the recruits to exercise restraints and maintain a high level of discipline and decorum during their training.

Jubbaland State is among the areas where the Islamist group has a huge presence, and the officers are expected to boost the ongoing efforts to eradicate the insurgents from the region and the entire Somalia.

Al Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate outfit, has since 2022 suffered setbacks and lost a number of fighters and strategic towns to the Somali Federal Government security forces backed by clan-based militias and international partners.

Despite the major military operations, the group has repeatedly shown its ability to strike back with major attacks and IED explosions targeting government officials, civilians, and businessmen collaborating with the government.


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