Somali Photo Journalists welcomes the arrest of suspected kidnapper

Somali Photo Journalist has welcomed the detention of suspect by Canadian police who is alleged to have aided Somali armed group in kidnapping journalists.

Abdulfatah Mohamed Elmi together with Canadian and Australian journalists were kidnapped by Somali gunmen in 2008 and released one year later after their families paid ransom.

Elmi who is currently the head of Horn Cable TV in Nairobi has told Radio Dalsan that he is ready to appear before court as witness against the accuser Ali Omar Ader.

“Ader was among those who tortured as while in their captivity, little time was given for toilet,” he said.

“The guy was so merciless,” he added.

37 years old Ali Omar Ader was detained by Canadian Police in Otawa and expected to be arraigned in court in connection to the charges of kidnapping.

Abdulfatah Elmi, Canadian Journalist Amanda Lindhout and Australian Nigel Brennan were kidnapped near Mogadishu in 2008 while on there way to cover on IDPs story.

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