Somali Parliament passes motion to withdraw Kenyan troops

The Parliament of the Federal Government of Somalia has on Saturday approved motion to pull out Kenyan troops from Southern Somalia.

The members who debated Kenyan decision to continue with security wall along the border have unanimously passed the motion that was also calling for federal government to write to the UN Security Council to implement the decision.

Out of 161 who attended the meeting 160 voted for the motion while only one member voted against the pull out of the Kenyan military that is also significant in the African Union Peacekeeping troops in Somalia.

Some members who spoke to Radio Dalsan have welcomed the move saying they would not also accept Kenyan government wall construction along the border of the two states.

The decision by Somali parliament today comes just days after allegations against Kenyan troops on colluding with armed group Al Shabaab on lucrative sugar and charcoal trade in the southern part of Somalia.

No comment from Kenyan government yet regarding Somali parliament move today.

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