Somali Govt Apologises Over Raid On Country’s First Presdent Aden Addee’s Home

The Federal government of Somalia ajs apologised to the family of the founding father of Somalia Aden Abdulle Osman after it’s security agencies raided his home.

In an interview with BBC Somali Dr Said Aden a son to the late first president of Somalia described how US trained Somali special forces raided the home in search of militants.

He said the home in Janaale in southwestern Lower Shabelle was partly defaced by bullet shots according to photographs taken following the raid.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire personally called Dr Aden to apologise on behalf of the government.

Kheire said the government will renovate the home which was partly destroyed in the raid.

An investigation has been launched over the incident.

It is not clear why the special forces targeted the home.

The region has been a frontline in the war against Alqaeda linked militant group Alshabaab.

Similar raids have been conducted in lower shabelle in the past.

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