Somali government hands over freed Kenyan to Mogadishu embassy 

The Somali government has handed over a Kenyan national taken hostage freed from captives to Kenyan embassy in Mogadishu on Saturday.

James Gajumbo was rescued by Somali security agencies in the regional state of Galmudug near temporary base of interim state in Adado.

Officials from federal government and Galmudug regional state of Somalia information minister Mohamud Aden Osman have jointly handed over Kenyan national to officials in Mogadishu embassy on Saturday.
Mr. Osman said Mr. James was rescued by security agencies after tip off from the members of the public.

“Our troops rescued the Kenyan doctor as parts of efforts aimed pacifying Galmudug territory.” He said.
Mr. James who is a doctor by professional has thanked both regional and central government for his rescue mission.
“I was held captive for 15 months, following an operation NISA I was freed, am grateful to the Somali government,” He said.

Mr. James Kenyan doctor was kidnapped by pirates in November 2014 was among few hostages still in pirates’ hands amid the sharp decline of piracy attacks off Somali coasts.

A Kenyan diplomat at the embassy in Mogadishu has also thanked the Somali government for the good effort in freeing its national.

Kenya and Somalia share security information regarding the fight against armed group Alshabaab.

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