Somali government denies secret meeting between Sheikh Mohamud and Netanyahu

The Federal government of Somalia has strongly denied circulated media reports on meeting between President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Somali media has widely reported on Tuesday quoting Times of Israel stating President Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Bibi secretly met in Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion of the Federal Republic of Somalia has strongly denied the meeting in a press statement sent to newsrooms on Wednesday saying meeting between Sheikh Mohamud and Netanyahu did not take place.

“While the Somali Federal Government values all partners and seeks to establish meaningful relations with existing and new allies with an objective of securing Somalia’s future progress and prosperity, the Ministry can confirm that the reported meeting between the President of Somalia and the Prime Minister of Israel did not take place,” read the statement.

“Somalia is emerging successfully from a difficult past into a new age of stability and progress. We have turned the corner towards a better developmental future. Therefore, it is crucial for Somalia to continue to work effectively with all partners, in all capacities and on all matters of mutual interest, including confronting terrorism, promoting economic development and facilitating trade,” added the part of the press statement.

As a Muslim state and founding member of Arab league, Somalia does not recognize Jews state of Israel due to brutal occupation against Palestinian people and violation on Islamic holy sanctuary of Al Aqsa.

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