President Sheikh Mohamud last speech urges Alshabaab to stop senseless killing

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called upon armed group Alshabaab to stop senseless killings inform of suicide bombings that has resulted death of innocent people in the country.

In what is seen as his last speech to the nation before general elections in the recuperating state, President Sheikh Mohamud has called members of the Al Qaida linked group to surrender to the government so as to live in decent life.

“I call upon members of the group and their leaders to stop senseless killing of the innocent people, stop committing suicide and disintegrating families by killing bread winners and fathers,” He said.

The President stressed that if key members of group follow his government plea and surrender his government will promise decent life free from violence.

“I urge the leadership of Alshabaab to surrender to the government and we will help them live in a respectable life,” The President assured.

With less than months to go to the historic elections, The President also mentioned areas which he said his government has tried its best to improve.

He mentioned the building and restructuring of regional states administrations, rebuilding and equipping of the security agencies mainly the national army and success in the fight against the armed group Alshabaab.

President Sheikh Mohamud has finally urged Somali people to work towards the realization of one man one vote in year 2020.

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