Somali Foreign Minister urges regional state governments to help refugees

The federal government of Somalia Foreign Minister Abdulsalam Hadliye has appealed to regional states in the country to help Somali and Yemen refugees fleeing the conflict.

Hadliye urged Puntland, Somaliland and Jubaland authorities to help their fellow citizens escaping Yemen violence through the sea.

Foreign minister comments comes after the self-declared state of Somaliland rejected Somali refugees dock at Berbera port few days ago.

The Northern self-declared state has also earlier said it will not allow refugees into its territory blaming the failure of the international community and refugee agencies to help deal with the crisis.

Hundreds of refugees mainly Somalis who fled their country during the height of the civil war in early 1990s are escaping Saudi led coalition strikes against Houthi Shia rebels in Yemen.

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