Somali forces wipe out al shabaab bases in joint operation

Somali Gorgor (Eagle) commandos and US Africa Command-trained Danab Special Forces worked united to execute out an operation in Gal’ad, recently liberated district in the Galgadud region on Wednesday, Al-Shabaab bases were all found in the Gal’ad district communities of El Ali, Afrah, El Timir, and Towfiq, according to government representatives, and all of these bases were effectively wiped out by the Somali elite forces.

The 9th unit of the Eagle commandos commander, Commander Abdiwali Ahmed Hussein, announced that the army is at present involved in ongoing operations against al-Shabaab in Gal’ad and its environs. Galcad district, located in the Galgaduud region, is one of the most recent places the Somali government has managed to free from al-Shabaab rule. The al-Shabaab organization has repeatedly attacked the neighborhood.

The Somali government has gained ground in its war with the Islamist insurgency Al-Shabaab, mainly in central Somalia. Most of the progress is due to Mogadishu’s leveraging of local discontent with Al-Shabaab to form alliances with clan militias.

The joint campaign has dislodged militants from a swathe of territory in the centre of the country, reestablishing the government’s presence in regions that Al-Shabaab had controlled for a decade or more. Troops are now already moving into the insurgency’s southern bastions.

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