Somali Embassy in London Clarifies Travel Requirements to Somalia

The Somali embassy in London has clarified that it did not initiate or require anyone traveling to Somalia to have a letter. This comes after reports emerged that many families were left inconvenienced when airlines asked them to show visas before traveling to Somalia.

In mid-April, many travelers were caught off guard by the sudden requirement to show visas before boarding flights to Somalia. This led to confusion and frustration among many families, who had planned to travel to Somalia to visit their loved ones or conduct business.

After receiving numerous inquiries from concerned families, the embassy embarked on a fact-finding mission to determine the requirements for traveling to Somalia. The embassy contacted authorities both in the UK and Somalia to find out what was required for travelers to meet the new visa requirements.

To facilitate the travel of the families affected by the sudden visa requirement, the embassy issued a letter requesting that they be allowed to travel and receive visas upon arrival in Somalia. The embassy explained that this was a temporary solution to the problem, as they worked to find a more permanent solution.

The embassy also advised travelers to check with their airlines and the embassy before traveling to Somalia to ensure that they have the necessary documents and meet all the requirements for travel.

The embassy’s clarification has brought relief to many families who were left stranded and unsure about how to proceed with their travel plans. The embassy’s swift action to find a solution to the problem demonstrates its commitment to serving the needs of the Somali community in the UK.

The Somali embassy in London plays a crucial role in facilitating travel, trade, and investment between Somalia and the UK. The embassy’s efforts to clarify the visa requirements for travelers to Somalia are aimed at promoting smooth and hassle-free travel and ensuring that the Somali community in the UK can maintain close ties with their families and loved ones in Somalia.

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