Somali Community Awareness NGO initiates School for Female Prisoner in Mogadishu

In an effort to improve the conditions of prisoners in Somalia, Centre for Community Awareness (CCA) has established school in Mogadishu central prison at the request of prisons department.

The school will help female prisoners behind bars for education during their tenure inside prison while providing them with skills when freed.

The ceremony was attended by Women and Human rights minister Zahra Mohamed Ali Samatar, Centre for Community Awareness chairman Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, Somali Prisons commissioner Bashiir Ahmed Jama’a, Anti FGM campaigner Ifrah Ahmed and among others.

Human rights Minister Zahra Samatar said her ministry will do all it can to protects the rights of prisoners.

Somali prison department which is among several government institutions collapsed during the civil war are now coming up with the help of local community initiative.

Last week Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud opened Mogadishu local authority headquarters which was refurbished at the expense of local project dubbed “build your country,”

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