Second Deputy Speaker of the Federal parliament visits new villages in Mudug

Somalia’s second deputy speaker of the Federal parliament Mahad Awad Abdala on Thursday laid foundation stone for a new building in Mudug’s Towfiiq village  The parliament official who is on official visit to Puntland toured several government institutions in Mudug and Nugal regions.

The speaker has visited towfiiq village with other state officials amid security has been tightened during the opening ceremony. The new Towfiiq administration was set to work this new building for the first time.

Puntland state minster for health Abdualah Jama asked Towfiiq inhabitants to focus on development and work with the town administration. “The government is planning to set up new government buildings in here “the minister said.

“You should take advantage of the ongoing government projects and you should work very close relations with the region authorities “ Abdulahi Jamac added.

The second deputy speaker of the Federal parliament of Somalia has been holding talks with the region stakeholders including state officials and elders.


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