Puntland ready to accept 4.5 power sharing system in a condition, reports

Sources within Puntland regional state administration have told Radio Dalsan that the President Abdiweli is ready to accept 4.5 power sharing system in the country but in a condition.

The source who declined to reveal his name for the sensitivity of the subject has said President Abdiweli wants federal government parliament to be based in Puntland state headquarter, Garowe in exchange to change his stand.

He added that Puntland President presented the idea to the Prime Minister of the federal government Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke during visit to the regional state and PM promised to share the idea with the President in Mogadishu to see the way forward.

President Abdiweli Gas who served as PM under the transitional government in Somalia is strong critic of 4.5 clan power sharing systems in the country that was used since Djibouti built government in 2000.

He argues that the system was temporary and meant to cross to the next level of political solution in war torn state, adding that it is outdated and source of main problem in the country.

It is still not clear how the said idea from Puntland would be received by the other regional states that make up the federal state.

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