Protests rock Mogadishu as supporters demand release of ex-military captain Shegow Ahmed

Thousands of supporters of former Somali military Captain Shegow Ahmed Ali took to the streets of Mogadishu on Sunday, expressing their discontent over his recent arrest by the Somali police in the capital.

The demonstrators, who began their march from Dharkenley district, made their way towards Sayid Junction, located near Villa Somalia, the Presidential Palace.

Tensions escalated when security guards at the Palace resorted to using live ammunition to disperse the protestors, although no casualties have been reported thus far.

The protest caused a temporary disruption in the traffic flow along Maka Al-Mukarama, Mogadishu’s busiest street, as participants voiced their grievances against the detention of Captain Shegow Ahmed Ali. The former military captain was apprehended by Somali police forces, along with 25 armed individuals, following an extensive security operation on Friday night.

The police have accused Captain Shegow of destabilizing the security of the capital and engaging in confrontations with security forces. The Police spokesman further alleged that stolen mobile phones and counterfeit banknotes were discovered at his residence, adding to the charges against him.

Several lawmakers, representing Captain Shegow in the parliament, have strongly criticized his arrest, asserting that he has been mistreated and demanding his immediate release. The lawmakers contend that his detainment is unjust and have called for a thorough investigation into the allegations made against him.

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