President Mohamud declares success in the first phase of war against Al-Shabaab

President Sheikh Hassan Mohamud of the Federal Government of Somalia announced that the first phase of the war against Al-Shabaab militants was nearly complete.

The President made this announcement during the 17th anniversary celebration of Galmudug state, where he commended the local population for their unwavering support in the government’s efforts to stabilize the country.

While acknowledging that there may still be some areas in Hirshabelle and Galmudug States where Al-Shabaab militants continue to hide, President Hassan expressed confidence in the local residents’ determination to eliminate them and reclaim their homeland. He further revealed that the Somali National Army, alongside local forces, was mobilizing to target these remaining militant strongholds with the objective of flushing them out.

Addressing the crowd, President Hassan stated, “There will come a day when we will gather once again, like today, in the states we are liberating, starting with Jubbaland and Southwest States. We will meet in their capital cities once they, hand in hand with the Somali Army, eliminate the enemy.”

The President emphasized the government’s commitment to fostering reconciliation among the Somali people, recognizing it as a vital step toward the country’s development and the construction of a conflict-free nation. By promoting dialogue and understanding, the government aims to heal the wounds of the past and build a united Somalia.

President Hassan also lauded the accomplishments of the Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre. He specifically highlighted the successful passage of crucial legislations, such as the debt relief bill, which he deemed essential for the country’s development. This legislation will play a pivotal role in alleviating Somalia’s financial burden and opening doors to economic growth and stability.

As the government continues its operations, it is hoped that the eradication of Al-Shabaab from these regions will pave the way for further progress in the remaining states, ultimately leading to a peaceful and prosperous S

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