President Mohamuds lauds women’s support in anti al-shabaab operations

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has lauded the invaluable role played by Somali women in the fight against the the Al-Shabab group.

Addressing a gathering of representatives from the Somali Women Association in Dhusamareb on Wednesday evening, President Mohamud expressed his admiration for the unwavering commitment and dedication of the women in supporting the Somali National Army and its allied forces.

During the meeting, President Mohamud emphasized the crucial significance of women’s involvement in the ongoing war against Al-Shabaab, recognizing their instrumental contribution to the collective effort to bring stability and prosperity to Somalia. He urged the women leaders present to redouble their efforts in rallying support for the military campaign, highlighting the profound impact their advocacy could have on achieving long-lasting peace and security in the nation.

“As we face the challenges posed by Al-Shabaab, it is imperative that we recognize the remarkable role played by Somali women in this struggle,” President Mohamud remarked. “Their unwavering support to our brave soldiers and allied forces is a testament to their resilience and determination to build a stable and prosperous Somalia. I call upon the women leaders to mobilize even greater support for our military, as their efforts will undoubtedly contribute to the ultimate victory over terrorism.”

In response, the women representatives expressed their unwavering commitment to the cause, pledging their continued support to the Somali National Army and its allies. They acknowledged the critical role women have played on various fronts, including intelligence gathering, humanitarian assistance, and community mobilization, and vowed to strengthen their efforts in order to secure a safer future for their fellow citizens.

President Mohamud’s presence in Dhusamareb marks his third week overseeing the ongoing battle against Al-Shabaab.

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