President Hassan Sheikh Wishes Somalis ´Ramadan Kareem’

Most Muslims in the world entered the holy month of Ramadan this Thursday, March 2023 including Somalis where the population is all Muslim.

For the next 30 days, Muslims will refrain from eating or drinking anything even the tiniest sip of water from sunrise to sunset. They will strictly observe prayers, read the Quran and donate to charity as they seek to draw closer to God. Family and friends will gather for joyful nightly feasts.

Somalia´s President Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud extended his best wishes to all Somali people as the holy month of Ramadan began.

“As Somalis join Muslims around the world to observe the holy month, I want to offer you greetings,” said Mohamud.

“Ramadan is a time for families and communities to share the happiness of gathering together for iftar and prayers and to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves.” he added.

The start of the month depends on the sighting of the crescent moon by local religious authorities and astronomers, and can sometimes vary from country to country.

But this year there was broad agreement that it began Wednesday evening, with Thursday declared as the first day of fasting.

Ramadan culminates in Laylat al-Qadr, or the Night of Destiny, during the last 10 nights of the month, when Muslims engage in intense late night worship. Muslims believe this was the night God sent the Angel Gabriel to the prophet to reveal the first verses of the Quran.

After the last day of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr, a festive three-day holiday in which children are often given new clothes and gifts.

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