President Hassan Sheikh pardons 130 prisoners

In an effort to mark this year’s Eid al-Fitr celebrations and encourage a more forgiving society, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has granted clemency to nearly 130 prisoners from two prisons located in the capital city of Mogadishu.

127 of these inmates received pardons from the Hamar Central Prison, and the remaining ones were released from the MBC Prison in Ex-Control Agooye.

The choice was made in response to suggestions made by the Attorney General’s Office.After reviewing the cases of the prisoners, the office came to the conclusion that they were minor offenders who, in the event of their release, would not pose a significant threat to society.

The cases of the released prisoners included both violent and nonviolent crimes, with the intention of implementing a more humane form of government.

The shift to more leniency is an important step in creating a more compassionate society in Somalia, where people can fully exercise their freedoms without worrying about unwarranted detention.

However, the broader challenges facing the country’s criminal justice system are vast, calling for a holistic approach to bringing about lasting change in Somalia’s penal infrastructure.

A significant step toward creating a more accepting and forgiving society in Somalia has been taken with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s decision to pardon nearly 130 criminals.A more improved justice system is made possible by this action, which gives many people hope.

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