President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Addresses Al-Shabaab Conflict, Calls for Unity

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia recently participated in a meeting on Twitter Space, where he discussed the challenges his government faces in its ongoing battle against the Al-Shabaab group.

During the session, the president openly acknowledged the recent defeat of the armed forces in a fierce battle that took place in the Cowswayne area of the Galgaduud region. The clash resulted in casualties, injuries, and significant damage.

President Mohamud emphasized that this defeat was an isolated incident, stating,

“There is no place other than Cowswayne where the government forces have been defeated. Now that force has been left behind, this reality has touched the youth.” He further mentioned that the troops have been redeployed to their camps to recuperate and rebuild morale.

Despite the setback, President Mohamud highlighted the achievements his government has made thus far in the conflict, which has been waged across multiple regions of the country.

He revealed that the government forces, in collaboration with local forces, have successfully reclaimed a substantial area from the Al-Shabaab group since the conflict’s inception. The president also commended the allied forces for achieving significant and critical victories.

President Mohamud stated that the first phase of the operation is nearing completion and will conclude in the Hir Shabelle and Galmudug regions. The subsequent phase will cover other states, with plans to initiate operations in Jubbaland and South West Somalia. He expressed confidence in the progress made, stating,

“The war against Al-Shabaab is final and successful. The army, according to where they have moved, continues for more than 300 kilometers. The government and the people working together are committed to putting an end to those men who are used to shedding blood and causing trouble in the country. There is a little bit left to complete.”

The president reiterated his call for unity among the Somali people and the government in the ongoing war, emphasizing the positive trajectory of the conflict. Notably, President Mohamud has taken an active role on the front lines of the battle, particularly in Dhusamareb, where he has assumed a leadership position.

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