Somalia bolsters security and vows to defeat Al-Shabaab in cabinet meeting

The Federal Government of Somalia’s cabinet recently convened for its weekly meeting, presided over by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare.

The gathering placed a significant emphasis on security, illustrating the government’s unwavering commitment to combat internal threats.

Central to the discussions were comprehensive agreements between Somalia and Ethiopia, which received the cabinet’s approval.

These agreements encompassed various collaborative efforts, ranging from foreign relations and health to education, communications, tourism, and the improvement of government institutions.

While diplomatic matters took center stage, the meeting also delved into reports from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Security.

The updates on the military front were met with appreciation and applause from the cabinet members, underscoring the dedication of security agents in eradicating the menace posed by the militant group.

During his closing remarks, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare emphasized the urgent need for national unity and solidarity in confronting the ongoing challenge of Al-Shabaab.

He stressed that the fight against Al-Shabaab must remain a top priority, urging a collective effort to free the remaining areas under their control.

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