President Hassan Fires top Somali Military Commander

Somalia’s President Hassan Shekh Mohamud has fired one of the Somali key military commanders Gen. Mohamed Qafow and appointed new official for the post following a presidential decree issued on Sunday.

The commander of Somali national army based 12 April unit has been heading major military operation against the Al-shabab insurgents in parts of southern Somali regions, which led security progress in the last two years.

In an exclusive interview with Dalsan Radio, Mohamed Qafow endorsed president’s move saying the President has constitutional rights to replace Somali officials.

“I am not disappointed about president’s decision and I don’t have any grievance, this is a government process and they thanked me for what I did “The General said.

President Hassan has appointed General Saney for the position. The Al-Qaeda affiliated militants;, Al-shabab still controls tracts of land in southern Somali regions.

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