Economic development key in Somalia’s prosperity;World Bank

Somalia Federal Government Minister of Finance Bihi Egeh has appraised the commendable economic progress that Somalia has achieved made in recent years.

Speaking at the 8th edition of the Somalia Economic Update when he delivered a keynote speech, Bihi highlighted the role and importance that water plays in the nation’s economic development.

He said that the Somali government will continue to institute water reforms in the country.

Egeh added that Horn of Africa Nation is gearing up for economic development despite the myriad challenges bedeviling the country.

Bihi was flanked by Jama Taqal Abbas, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, while addressing other participants on Thursday.

The event which was funded and facilitated by the World Bank offers a platform for analysis of the latest economic trajectory and future growth prospects of Somalia.

It also champions and advocates for the integration of climate change considerations into Somalia’s growth agenda as per a statement from the World Bank.

According to the Bank, the Economic Update also delves deep into the important relationship between water, climate change, and Somalia’s growth agenda and emphasizes the pivotal role of water in driving Somalia’s prosperity.


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