Jubbaland Opposition MP Taajir Released After UK Pressure & Military Protest

Authorities in the South Western Somalia  state of Jubbaland have released an opposition Mp Ahmed Abdi Hassan Taajir detained for lobbying a vote of no confidence on the regions cabinet, Radio Dalsan reports.

Mr. Hassan’s release follows pressure from the UK government who through the ambassador in Somalia David Concar met with Jubbaland President Ahmed Islam Madhoobe on Saturday.

MP Hassan  who is also a British citizen had been stripped off his immunity by a Parliamentary committee and a day later arrested for giving “false” information in his bid to table a vote of no confidence against Madhoobe’s cabinet.

He had accused the cabinet of incompetence.

Earlier on Sunday a section of Jubbaland regional state army on  besieged a building where the MP had  been detained since last week.

The soldiers blocked main roads in the administrative capital Kismayu bringing normal activities to standstill.

Five opposition Mps fled Jubbaland in the wake of a clampdown on opposition as Madhoobe issued a travel ban to all lawmakers in a move to silence his critics.


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