Banadir administration formulates laws that would inhibit stray animals from wandering in the city

Banadir Regional administration has passed a directive that would inhibit wandering of stray animals within the city’s periphery.

Salah deere, regional spokesman, told press that animals were affecting movement of motorists and also denting the aesthetic appeal of the city.

Salah categorically declared that stray camels would be fined $ 100, $ 5O for cattle and $25 for goats.

Furthermore, he added that captured livestock would be placed in special designated areas and owners would be required to avail themselves in the centers within 42hours from the time of capture.

Failure to adhere to that, animals will be slaughtered and meat distributed to less fortunate.

The front man voiced that the law will be gazetted in the press for the next 10days before it’s enacted.


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