Somalia federal government urges El-dheer citizens to rebuild district after its liberation

The Somalia federal government has begun clearing landmines and rebuilding efforts in the newly liberated El dher District, Galguduud region.

The successes have led some officials to claim al-Shabab is on its last legs. However, experts have cautioned that the group has been pushed out of major towns before only to regroup and reclaim areas the army does not have the capacity to hold.

El Dher residents who had initially deserted the town during the tussle are now once again coming back home.

Regional leaders held a consultative meeting on how to improve welfare of the inhabitants and bring normalcy to region that had been the militias leadership for the last decade.

Minister of state security Galguduud region Abdullahi Ahmed told the press that his soldiers made an extensive search in the region and managed to detonate several landmines planted by the terrorists.

Ahmed made a clarion call to somali people in general, those within the country and also to those residing overseas to heavily invest in the region whose economy had been extorted by militants for several years.

El dheer city is a historical city and it borders Harar Dheere in Mudug region, where it was liberated four days ago from Al-Shabaab who had held it for last decade.

The liberation of Eeldheer is part of the ongoing operations in the central regions of the country, in which many areas have been liberated.


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