Fierce battle erupts between Al-Shabaab and govt forces in Balcad district : Somalia

A violent clash between government forces and Al-Shabaab militants has erupted in the Basra area between Balcad and Afgoye, according to reports emerging from the Balcad district. Local sources indicate that the confrontation was initiated by Al-Shabaab fighters who launched an attack on a government army base in the area.

The battle is ongoing, with the sounds of gunfire and the utilization of various weapons echoing throughout the Basra area, which lies in close proximity to the capital city of Mogadishu.

Several security forces are actively engaged in combat. The Haramed forces, National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), and the Police Military forces, recently entrusted with a significant portion of the capital’s security responsibilities, are all participating in the conflict.

While the extent of the losses incurred in the battle remains unclear, government officials have confirmed that they successfully repelled the attack by Al-Shabaab. They further reported the elimination of several militants and the injury of others who were involved in the assault.

Local news sources have described the current situation as chaotic, with ongoing military activities in the area. The fighting zones have already been reclaimed by the Somali government following the expulsion of Al-Shabaab, who had previously held control over the Basra area and its environs near Mogadishu.

Recent days have witnessed a series of attacks and targeted killings orchestrated by Al-Shabaab members within Mogadishu. Simultaneously, government forces have been conducting operations to enhance security and maintain law and order.

In a separate incident, the military apprehended an armed assailant responsible for the murder of a businessman in the Hodan district of the Banadir region. The swift action taken by the army demonstrates the government’s commitment to combating criminal elements and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

Al-Shabaab is a militant group based in East Africa, primarily operating in Somalia. The group emerged in the mid-2000s and is known for its affiliation with Al-Qaeda.

The group has been responsible for numerous acts of violence, including suicide bombings, assassinations, and guerrilla-style attacks. They have targeted government officials, security forces, humanitarian workers, and civilians.

The group has also carried out high-profile attacks in neighboring countries, such as the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, and the Garissa University College attack in Kenya in 2015.

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