Farmajo The People’s President? Return of EX-PM sees the largest gathering in recent times

Activities in Mogadishu came to a standstill on Tuesday when presidential candidate Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo returned to Somalia four years after he lost his last bid.

His was a big return was marked by pomp and colour not seen for a long time in the Somali capital.

Thousands of his followers dressed in white t-shirts with his images and the motto Dadka Dalka Danta?

The big number of his followers led to a security challenge to the police and SNA who by 6am morning had closed roads leading to the Aden Abdulleh International Airport where Farmajo was expected to land at.

A commotion ensued some meters away from the airports entrance with Farmajo’s supporters demanding to gain entrance to welcome their presidential choice.

SNA and Police however declined to allow them to move any closer but they continued to chant in support of Farmajo.

So much was the pomp and color that photos of supporters became a hit on social media.

“I have never seen such a big number of people gather in Mogadishu. He is surely the people’s president” Ali AlSomaal a Farmajo supporter told Radio Dalsan.

“Basing on his welcome on Tuesday if there was a one to one vote by the people.

Farmajo would likely emerge winner” Mohamed Abdow a Somali issues analyst told Radio Dalsan.

Farmajo was served as Prime Minister of Somalia 2010 to 2011 in Sheikh Sharif Ahmed’s administration and was an first secretary of Somali embassy in DC.

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