External Interests Destabilizing Somalia, Kenyatta & Abiy Say

By Dalsan Reporter

A communique released after a meeting between Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Nairobi has expressed concern at the recent development in Somalia in an apparent reference to the impact the 2017 Gulf Crisis.

“The leaders expressed deep concern at the effects of external interests that are aimed at further destabilizing Somalia’ the communique released on Monday partly said.

Kenyatta had on his State of the Nation address last week pointed out what he termed interference on Somalia Affairs by UAE.

Kenya and Ethiopia both troop contributing countries also stated the continued threat of the Al-qaeda linked militant group Alshabaab to both Somalia and the region.

The leaders seek more support from the international community.

“In this regard, they expressed concern at the continued lukewarm international support for Somalia, in particular the inadequate and unpredictable funding for AMISOM, which poses a threat to gains made thus far” the communique said.

“In this regard, the two leaders committed to continue lobbying for adequate and sustainable support to AMISOM, including provision of force multipliers for the mission in Somalia, as well as training for the Somalia security forces” it farther said.

Dr Abiy is on a two day state visit to Kenya his third foreign country tour since he replaced HaileMariam Desalegn as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.



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