EU Allocates €3.5 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Flood-Affected Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya

The European Union (EU) has pledged additional humanitarian aid funding of €3.5 million to aid the people affected by devastating floods in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The EU’s allocation aims to provide emergency assistance and support to the regions most impacted by the ongoing floods.

In Somalia, the EU will allocate €2 million to provide urgent aid to the communities severely affected by the floods, particularly in the Juba River basin. This funding is an addition to the €5.5 million previously allocated to help those affected by the El Niño-related floods and displacement caused by conflicts. The EU plans to launch a helicopter deployment through the European Humanitarian Response Capacity, starting operations in December 2023 and lasting for two months. This initiative will facilitate access to hard-to-reach areas in Somalia.

Ethiopia will receive €1 million in EU funding, which will support existing humanitarian partners operating in flood-affected regions. The aid will be implemented through various means, including multi-purpose cash transfers and the distribution of shelter and essential items, such as water purification and treatment supplies. In addition to this allocation, the EU has already provided €2.3 million through its Emergency Response Mechanism to aid in preparedness actions prior to the floods. The total EU funding dedicated to addressing the recent and ongoing floods in Ethiopia amounts to €3.3 million.

In Kenya, €500,000 has been allocated to address the impact of heavy rainfall and landslides, particularly in areas previously afflicted by a severe drought. Additionally, the country has experienced a recent cholera outbreak. Alongside this funding, €200,000 has been assigned to the Kenya Red Cross Society to support their response to the ongoing floods exacerbated by El Niño. The combined efforts aim to alleviate the suffering of affected communities in Kenya.

The EU’s commitment to providing substantial financial support underscores its dedication to addressing the urgent needs of flood-affected regions in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. By collaborating with local partners and implementing various aid measures, the EU aims to provide immediate assistance and contribute to the recovery and resilience-building efforts in these vulnerable areas.

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