China grants over 30 Somali Students Life-Changing Scholarships

In a gesture of support and collaboration, the Chinese government has awarded scholarships to more than 30 Somali students, enabling them to pursue higher education in esteemed universities across China.

A farewell ceremony, organized by the Chinese embassy, was held in the capital city of Mogadishu on Thursday, attended by senior government officials and esteemed guests, including the Chinese ambassador to Somalia, Fei ShengChao.

 The event witnessed the presence of dignitaries such as Hodan Osman Abdi, Senior Advisor and National Coordinator of Human Capital Development at the Office of the Prime Minister, and Ismail Yusuf, the director of the higher education department of the Ministry of Education in Somalia, among others. Notably, students who have successfully completed their education with the support of the Chinese government were also present to share their enriching experiences.

 Addressing the audience, Ambassador Fei ShengChao emphasized the significance of the China-Somalia relations and reflected upon his own experience upon arriving in Somalia. He expressed his belief in the brilliance, intelligence, experience, and talent of Somali individuals, stating,

“A Somali can be brilliant, intelligent, experienced, talented, just like everybody else in the world. Now, you have the opportunity to seize it and make good use of it. I am glad that you have the opportunity to study in China.”

Hodan Osman Abdi, who has spent a decade in China, shared her personal experiences and encouraged the students to make the most of the scholarships bestowed upon them.

She expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government for its steadfast support to the Somali government in various sectors, including education and health.

 Ismail Yusuf, the director of the higher education department at the Ministry of Education in Somalia, hailed the scholarships as golden opportunities for the recipients. He extended his heartfelt appreciation to the Chinese government while also expressing the hope that such scholarships could be increased in the future, allowing more Somali students to benefit from the program.

The bilateral relations between Somalia and China have been robust, marked by mutual cooperation and support. The Chinese government has remained committed to assisting the federal government of Somalia in diverse areas, including education, health, and development. This support has been demonstrated through initiatives such as the provision of scholarships, donations of military equipment, and collaborative efforts aimed at fostering socio-economic progress in Somalia.

As these Somali students embark on their educational journey in China, it is anticipated that they will not only acquire valuable knowledge and skills but also forge lasting bonds of friendship and understanding between the two nations. The scholarships serve as a testament to the commitment of the Chinese government to nurturing human capital and promoting educational excellence in Somalia, while further strengthening the bilateral ties that exist between the two countries.

With the support and encouragement of both the Chinese and Somali governments, these scholars are poised to make significant contributions to their communities and forge a brighter future for Somalia.

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