ATMIS forces foil Al-Shabaab attack in Beledamin, Lower Shabelle

On the night of July 7th, 2023, the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia was the site of yet another attempted attack by the Al-Shabaab group. However, this time the attack was thwarted by the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

According to a statement released by ATMIS spokesperson, Lt Col Abdullahi Hassan Ganale (KDF), a group of Al-Shabaab fighters who had come to probe attack fell into an ATMIS ambush in the general areas of Beledamin-Lower Shabelle. The result was the death of two Al-Shabaab fighters, the seizure of two submachine guns, and six magazines with 130 rounds of ammunition. The rest of the fighters fled in disarray.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported on the ATMIS side. The attempted attack was aimed at Beledamin, an agricultural area located 82 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu in Lower Shabelle, which is currently under the control of the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

This particular splinter group of Al-Shabaab militants has been known for extorting illegal taxes and food items from farmers in the area. The loss of their fighters is a relief to the civilians who have been grappling with violent criminal acts meted out by Al-Shabaab.

The successful ambush and seizure of weapons underscores the ATMIS forces’ commitment to ensuring peace and stability in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab has been a significant obstacle to the ATMIS, with the group carrying out numerous terrorist attacks in the region.


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