Al-Shabaab spending millions to remove veteran governor-Presidential envoy

The militant group Al-Shabaab is using its dollar muscle to influence the removal of Hiiraan regional governor Ali Jeyte who has been the backbone of the nine-months long military offensive in the Middle Shabelle region, a senior government official has claimed.

According to the Presidential envoy for Civilian Protection and Stabilization, the militant group has been using its financial resources to bribe local leaders and officials in an effort to undermine the government’s efforts to maintain stability and security in the region.

“We have reliable information that Al Shabaab is spending millions to have Governor Ali Jeyte replaced. Replacing Governor Jeyte at this time is giving aid and comfort to Shabaab. “President @GudlaweHussein leave Governor Jeyte alone!, the outspoken envoy said.

Governor Jeyte has been instrumental in leading the military offensive against Al-Shabaab in the Middle Shabelle region, which has been a stronghold of the group for years.

Under his leadership, Somali forces have made significant gains against the militants, recapturing several key towns and villages and weakening the group’s ability to launch attacks.

The removal of Governor Jeyte would be a major setback for the government’s efforts to defeat Al-Shabaab and restore peace and stability to the country. His leadership has been widely praised for its effectiveness and his commitment to the security of the region and its people.

The influence of Al-Shabaab’s financial resources has long been a concern for the Somali government and its partners in the fight against terrorism.

The group is known to generate significant revenue through extortion, kidnapping, and other criminal activities, which it then uses to fund its operations and buy the loyalty of local officials and tribes.

Despite these challenges, the government remains committed to its efforts to defeat Al-Shabaab and restore peace to the country. The Somali National Army, with the support of international partners, continues to conduct operations against the group, targeting its leadership and disrupting its operations.

The revelation by the envoy comes as the government is working to address the root causes of extremism and terrorism, including poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunity.

The  influence of Al-Shabaab remains a significant challenge, as the government continues support from its international partners.

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