Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for TurkSom explosion

A bomb went off near TurkSom camp on Sunday afternoon, injuring at least five.

As of yet, no confirmed fatalities have been reported in the Al-Shabaab attack targeting young recruits at the Gorgor military enrollment center on Jazeera Road, according to government officials.  According to early reports, the majority of the victims are thought to have been young people who were about to enlist in the Turkish military’s elite commando unit, Gorgor.

Before the assailant could reach the line and set off the explosive, security personnel  stopped him from trying to sneak up on the group of young people.

Al-Shabaab has taken credit for the assault and said that it resulted in the deaths of 32 government soldiers.

The most recent assault ended a stretch of increased security and fewer bombings in Mogadishu.

Since 2006, Al Shabaab has waged a brutal insurgency against the Somali government with the aim of establishing its own supremacy.

Despite losing grip on large swathes of land in wave of offensive , Al-Shabaab still poses threat and is able to orchestrate attacks in Mogadishu and neighbouring countries

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