A Government Delegation Reach Balad Hawa To Solve Border Dispute

In Balad Hawa – the border town of the Gedo region, there will be a high profile meeting today to discuss a border dispute between the residents of the town and the Kenyan authorities after Kenya started again the construction of border wall between the two countries.

Somali Minister for Internal Security Mr Abdi Farah Said, the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, members of parliament, the Boundaries Commission and Jubaland state government officials will be attending the meeting.

Minister for Internal Security Mr Abdi Farah Said (front right) leading a delegation.

“We reached here as a delegation that comprises of Ministers, members of parliament and the President of Jubaland. We came here to get a solution for the situation in Balad Hawa. We first landed in Dolow and were welcomed well. We are now in Balad Hawa where we reached the wall that is being constructed. The problem is only at the border between the two towns (Balad Hawa and Mandera). The There is a technical committee who will confirm the reality and the issue will be solved in a technical manner,” Minister Abdi said.

The Minister said that he was optimistic that a solution will be reached on the issue adding that the public was satisfied with the efforts of the Somali Federal Government.

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