Somali Immigration And Naturalization Directorate Opens Office In Beled-Hawa

For the first time, the Somali immigration and naturalization directorate has opened an office in Beled- Hawa, Gedo region, which borders with Kenya’s Mandera town.

The office was launched by the Somali Internal Security Minister Mr Abd Farah Said alias Juha and the Director of the immigration and naturalization directorate.

Leaders who gave speeches at the opening ceremony said that they will take care of the citizens’ rights and also protect their border.

Recently, there was a border dispute between the residents of Beled-Hawa and the Kenyan authorities in Mandera town after the construction of the wall at the border has resumed.

Leaders from the Somali federal government and those from the Jubaland state visited Beled-Hawa and are working towards solving the issue with their Kenyan counterparts.

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