36 Foreign Nationals Appear in Mogadishu Court for Illegal Fishing in Somali Waters

Thirty-six foreign nationals, consisting of 33 Iranians and 3 Pakistanis, made an appearance at the Banadir Regional Court in Mogadishu after being arrested for illegally fishing in Somali waters.

State media reported the incident, which occurred when Somali coast guards apprehended the men near the coastal town of Hobyo in Mudug region on April 10.

According to reports, the foreign nationals were caught fishing in Somali waters without the proper permits and licenses required by law. This is a serious offense in Somalia, as the country’s fishing industry is a critical source of income for many Somali communities.

The court proceedings on Sunday were presided over by Judge Abdullahi Hussein Mohamed, who listened to the charges against the defendants. The men were accused of violating Somali maritime laws and were facing charges of illegal fishing.

During the proceedings, the prosecution presented evidence in the form of confiscated fishing equipment and other materials used in the illegal fishing operation. The prosecution also called upon witnesses, including local fisherman, to testify against the defendants.

The defense team argued that the foreign nationals were unaware of the laws and regulations in Somalia regarding fishing in its waters. However, the judge was not swayed by their arguments and ordered the men to be remanded in custody pending the outcome of the trial.

The case has attracted significant attention from the Somali public, who are concerned about the impact of illegal fishing on the country’s economy and environment.

Illegal fishing has become a major problem in Somalia in recent years, with foreign vessels taking advantage of the country’s weak maritime laws and regulations.

The trial of the 36 foreign nationals is expected to continue in the coming weeks, as the court examines the evidence and hears testimony from witnesses.

The case is seen as a test of Somalia’s commitment to enforcing its maritime laws and protecting its fishing industry from illegal activities.

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