17 Injured as Somaliland Security Forces Clash with Protesters in Borama

At least 17 people, including civilians and police officers, were wounded in the northern break-away region of Somaliland as security forces clashed with protesters in Borama town on Monday.

The demonstration was triggered by the killing of a local security officer, and police used live ammunition to disperse the crowd, leading to injuries among civilians.

The incident is concerning, as similar protests have previously led to fighting in other towns in the region.

Images of the chaos circulated online, highlighting the need for authorities to investigate and hold those responsible accountable.

Earlier this year, hospitals reported that clashes between Somaliland forces and protesters in Las Anod resulted in the deaths of dozens of people, mostly civilians, and around 30 others injured.

The protests in Las Anod were sparked by the killing of several influential locals, including a senior official from the main opposition party, which led to demonstrators demanding justice and a return to the Somali Union.

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