100+ Children Receive Heart Screening with Hormuud Salaam Foundation’s Support

Over 100 children, most of whom require heart surgery have benefited from heart screening thanks to the continued support of the Hormuud Salaam Foundation.

The screening exercise the Hormuud Salaam Foundation (HSF) supports established that 80% of the 119 children screened required heart surgery. “This sets the stage for potential life-saving surgeries in Italy in coming months, supported by HSF,” a statement from the foundation read in part.

According to the statement, most of the 119 will be sent to Italy for medical procedures to save their young lives and give them a second chance at life.

Hormuud Salaam Foundation CEO Abdullahi Osman said the exercise was a commitment to his foundation’s continuing desire to support healthcare for many Somalis who do not have access to medical services.

“In the heart of Mogadishu, we’re carrying the torch for hope and healing. The significant turnout at the screening signals the critical need for specialised healthcare services in Somalia.

“We are steadfast in our resolve to address this pressing issue, especially for the wellbeing of our children. They are the pillars of Somalia’s future. Our efforts are aimed at forging a Somalia where access to healthcare for every child is a reality, not a privilege.”

The screening which took place on 25 and 26 November at Jazeera Beach Hotel was done in collaboration with Mrs Edna Moallin Abdirahman , from Milano, Italy and Italian medical experts.

The lead doctor Dr Marianeschi Stefano said the support from Hormuud Salaam Foundation demonstrated the need for partnerships in addressing heath care challenges in the country.

As medical practitioners, it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to bring our expertise to regions where healthcare resources are scarce. Witnessing the resilience of these children facing heart conditions amidst challenging circumstances is humbling. The collaboration with Hormuud Salaam Foundation underscores the importance of global partnerships in ensuring access to specialised care.”

Abdi Hassan Ali, whose son underwent surgery in Italy last year under the HSF support lauded the initiative.

“My son underwent heart surgery at Niguarda Hospital in Milano Italy by Dr Marianeschi Stefano, today we came for check-up, and he is fine.

“I am pleased that Dr Marianeschi Stefano is in Mogadishu today and screening Somali children with heart diseases and I wish all other children to get same opportunity of my son. I thank to Hormuud Salaam Foundation, Mrs Edna Moallin Abdirahman and Dr Mariqneschi Stefano for giving life-changing operation for my son.”

This program is part of HSF’s wider efforts to improve accessibility of healthcare and boost local expertise on specialised care, By fostering a reciprocal sharing of knowledge and expertise with our Italian counterparts.

HSF has conducted several other corporate social responsibility initiatives including opening schools for blind, financing Somali students in the British Chevening Scholarships, donating healthcare facilities among other charitable missions.

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